Meet Our Olympia Ellisville Staff

Ellen Serafini - Gym Manager

I was first introduced to Olympia in 2000 as a parent. My daughter was a gymnast at Olympia Ellisville and Team Central, as well as a member of the Southeast Missouri State gymnastics team. In 2004, I joined our office staff. I enjoy working with people and have more than 31 years of customer service experience. I am here to answer questions about: class registrations, coupons, general team/meet questions and our pro-shop. I enjoy working at Olympia because of the variety of challenges, getting to take on new responsibilities, and the continuous learning. I also love the customers and my fellow employees. We work hard but have a lot of fun! If you have questions about the gym or office you can reach me at

Jamie Spies - Tumble Bee/KinderBee Director

I started working for Olympia in the Spring of 2008 and really enjoy the work that I do! I have always had a love for physical activity. As a child, I took tumbling and dance. Through high school I played volleyball, swam and ran competitively. I started teaching gymnastics in 2002 at another local gym. After teaching there for six years, I had the opportunity to join the Olympia family. In my time coaching, I have the opportunity to work with children from 6 months- grade school age. As a parent of a child with special needs, and as a coach, I believe strongly in every child having an opportunity to participate, laugh and learn in stimulating environment. Our program and instructors are the best, and will always try their hardest to make sure every child loves their class and feels great about what they are accomplishing. I am always available to talk about the Tumble Bee program. If you have questions about our classes for children in Kindergarten or younger, you can reach me at

Heidi Higgins - Girls Gymnastics Director

Hi! My name is Hiedi Higgins and I am the new level manager for The Girls’ Gymnastics Program at Olympia Ellisville. A fun fact about me is that my mom spelled my name wrong by accident. She thought I before E except after C, therefore, my name is spelled HIEDI. I have been coaching gymnastics for over 10 years and have been a director for about 5. I love the look on a student’s face when they accomplish something they thought they never would. My husband’s name is Larry. I have 4 children. My oldest, Samantha, is married to Keith and they have 2 children, Wesley and Theodore. Adam, Matthew, and Nicole are the next 3 in line. Nicole is joining the Xcel platinum team here at Olympia.

I enjoy playing the piano, swimming, and scrapbooking in my free time. I am happy to answer any questions about the girls gymnastics program at Olympia Ellisville. I can be reached by calling the office or by email at

Ellie Foshe- Head Team Coach

I was born and raised in St. Louis City and grew up playing many sports and studying music. I did gymnastics in south city and also competed in trampoline and tumbling; for which I attended the Jr. Olympics three years in a row. I stopped competing gymnastics in high school but the sport stuck with me so I decided to apply for my first coaching job my freshman year at Missouri State University. I graduated with honors from MSU with a BFA in Musical Theatre. From there I moved to Chicago where I continued to coach gymnastics. I started training to coach a competitive JO team with levels ranging from 4 through 10. After living and coaching in Chicago for three years, my husband and I decided to move back to our home town, St. Louis! I am now the director of the team program at Olympia Ellisville and I am loving it! Coaching gymnastics is one of the most rewarding experiences and I believe I learn as much as (and sometimes more then) the children I coach every day! I am currently attending Maryville University and will be going for my Masters in Music Therapy. I am more than happy to answer any team questions you may have. I can be reached by calling the office or by email at

Bhavani Jagdish - Customer Service and Birthday Party Coordinator

I was born and raised in India and I've been living in U.S.A for the past 11 years. My daughter’s interest in gymnastics in the year 2010 was my introduction to Olympia as a parent. I have always been passionate about helping people and making them happy, so I decided to join the Olympia team! In the past, I had worked in the airline industry, and from there I gained many costumer service skills. I joined Olympia in March 2016 as part of the Office Staff, and within a year I took up an additional role as a Birthday Party coordinator.  I love my job and my co-workers, and I'm proud to be part of Olympia, where we build happy, healthy, and confident children.

You can reach me at