olympia Ninja Program

For more information on our ninja program, classes, locations, and events, please visit www.olympianinja.org

The Philosophy behind our Ninja program is to encourage children to develop confidence, to become aware of their capabilities, and to strive to their potential. Our mission is to build Happy, Healthy, Confident children while creating avenues of success through movement and gymnastics. The Ninja program not only focuses on the physical benefits, but also on social benefits, cognitive benefits, and character benefits.

Our Staff
Our Ninja instructors are highly energetic and well trained individuals, certified in Ninja Instruction plus safety 1 certified. They bring valuable knowledge to this program, many with their own personal backgrounds in gymnastics, martial arts, free-running, parkour, and may even have been competitors on American Ninja Warrior and/or other OCR (obstacle course runs). They continually seek updated resources, participate in training clinics, and on-going training. Our Ninja instructors range in age from high school through adult, with years of experience working with children. Each of our Ninja instructors brings their own personality, knowledge, and excellence that will make our child's class a positive one.

ninjaParent Involvement
We welcome parents to stay and watch classes, however, due to safety precautions, we ask that you remain in the lobby or designated viewing areas. Many of our Ninja students are dropped off. Please be sure to ask your child for any handouts so that you are informed about our upcoming events. Some of our events may include performances, special challenges, bring a friend, parent participation and education weeks, kid's night out, day camps, clinics and overnighters.

Our gym is full of a wide variety of equipment. The Ninja program includes events, such as the obstacle course training, cargo net, rope, tumbling strip, balance beams, bars, vault, and trampoline. Along with our main equipment, we use a variety of training tools (visuals, mats, and boys equipment) to reinforce skills. We may use some equipment/areas every week and others may be every other week.

Other Things You Need to Know
Our instructors use drills, stations, and skill break-downs that will allow Ninjas to not only learn the usual skill, but to also feel success through achieving smaller more attainable goals.

A large part of Ninja is physical strength, body awareness, spatial awareness, and moving about in a constant motion. Although the gym seems large and full of equipment, the gym is also shared with many other groups. You will see the class rotate through the gym, as will other groups. Kids in 1st grade and up will advance levels based on coaches input and child's individual performance. Ninja Kids will stay in classes with kids in similar ages until they graduate from Kindergarten.

Typically, you will see a class rotate to three to four events each class time. Our rotation schedule is well planned so that each class has the opportunity to take advantage of all exciting areas of the gym. We also try to keep ratios of children to teachers at 7:1 for most Ninja training and 6:1 for Ninja Kids (4 years - kindergarten).